Partner With Us

Partner With Us


We welcome collaboration through partners to work with us focusing to make a positive difference in the poor communities in Uganda, East Africa. We are looking for partnerships to work with to bring about the much needed changes. Please join us in the effort to bring hope to people in the poor rural communities of Uganda. We have great visionaries of ideas that enable and help many people to have not only enough for themselves, but also some to give away helping to help themselves. So, to this end we want to show people how to “fish”- that is, how to make a living in the communities. Tuweereza Eden Ministries, we do not have the funds and we are operating on God’s mercies in His kingdom purpose of helping the poor families to be self-sufficient. (1Thessalonian 2:9).  We are now seeking to collaborate with you as individuals and organizations that are sharing the same calling and vision.  Areas of collaboration are:

  1. Praying for Tuweereza Eden Ministries for the opening of doors for support.
  2. Leadership and Discipleship Training of church leaders.
  1. Fundraising for the school building and equipping of seven (7) classrooms.
  2. Seed sowing in the Animal Husbandry farming programs (Poultry, Piggery, and Diary).
  3. Digging of six (6) Bore-Holes for the provision of safe water (TEMI WATER PROGRAM).
  4. Seed funding for the Eden Micro Loan Program.
  5. Fund-raising for the building of the two established and planted community Churches
  6. Sponsorship of the Orphaned children at Nakalongo Christian Primary School
  7. Seed funding for the Eden Food Security program
  8. Fund-raising for AIDS/HIV Awareness program
  9. Seed Funding for Discipleship Training of church leaders.
  10. Funding for the purchase of two (2) Wheel Chairs
  11. Seed funding for the purchase of one Motor-Bike (1) for the ministry outreach.
  12. Funding for the purchase of two Bicycles of the two (2) Pastors.

TEMI management calls for kingdom partnership for working and serving His purpose in partnership with you brothers and sisters wherever you are in the western world (Australia, Canada, United Sates of America, Asia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany and Ireland. The same humble call of request for support goes to the like-minded Community development Organizations, Government Agencies, Foundations, Education institutions, Business Organizations, Churches and NGOs at local, regional, national or international levels with a mission, objectives and a goal in line with the objectives the Organization to partner with us. TEMI also accepts to be affiliated with other Organizations in the world for information sharing, economic mentoring and financial assistance as a drive to promote the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fight against poverty in the poor communities of Uganda.  In togetherness with the Almighty Father, we can change the world by helping the destitute Children, the widows and the Pastors to the eternal destiny.



  1. Upholding the call for the furtherance of the Great Commission (Matthew 28).
  2. Implementing income sustainable generating projects to nurture self-reliance.
  3. Identifying partners in Church and Community development Organizations.
  4. Integrity, Transparency and Accountability is a considered priority in stewardship.