Our Impact

When God created Adam and Eve, they were not put in the Garage to be mechanics, not in the hospital to be doctors but in the Garden of Eden to take care and feed His people. This is the total life stewardship commitment in Kingdom work by Tuweereza Eden Ministries. We’re passionate about seeing the Great Commission fulfilled, and we’re looking for teammates who excel in their fields and want to use their gifts and abilities for Kingdom impact. In Him, through Him, with Him and by His will, we are able to change the lives of the people. This is through the impartation of Biblical knowledge to the people, provision of Business skills and resources needed in life character transformation. The above approach has greatly enabled us to help the people we serve so that they are able to help themselves move out from spiritual and economic poverty and then glorify the God!

Community HIV/AIDS Education Outreach Program

AIDS sensitizing community workshop

AIDS Sensitization Community Workshop

Since the year of our Lord 2009, we have been able to reach and help many people in the rural poor villages. The success has been registered because of the collaboration we have with the local Governments, and the Churches. We adopted the use of village Health teams (VHTs) and have done a recommendable work in saving lives. The dedicated team of our Muno Mukabi HIV/AIDS and Family Development Association carries out education program in schools and the communities of need support to save lives.

The challenges are Transport for the outreach voluntary team, the educational materials that include; HIV/AIDS and general health hand-outs and resource books. Financial support of $100 can help us to purchase a bicycle. Together we can a help stay out of worries for life.

School Children and Village Evangelism


In an uncertain world it is a blessing to be able to teach the Children about their Heavenly Father who will never let them down forever. School evangelism results to students receiving Jesus Christ through Our school Outreaches. Statistics show that a person is most likely to receive Jesus Christ between the Ages of 5 and 12 years than any time in their life. Jesus loves the little children and said the kingdom of God belongs to them with His total care love.

Reaching the Orphans with the word of God has impacted a big number of Orphans in the communities we are serving. These are children who have no parents or loved ones to claim them. The message of Jesus to these Orphans is powerful and we have witnessed hundreds of Orphans receive Jesus Christ as Saviour. Sharing the Gospel in rural villages is one of our evangelism Outreaches. In Uganda, most people live in abject poverty, some living in huts made of leaves and mud. In the period of three years, we have witnessed hundreds of people in villages receive Jesus Christ.

Micro Loan Credit Training Program

Families participating in business start-up training program

Families participating in business start-up training program

We have trained groups of people in the communities in business knowledge to the communities necessary to start business. The women groups in business and school dropout girls have been trained in business and loan management. It is an on-going training program.

We have mentored and provided the women and school girl dropouts with the basic skills needed in Micro loan Credit and business development. This is a “Teaching a man to fish program” helping Families moving out spiritual and economic poverty. The beneficiaries have been able to start Small-Scale activities that produce large scale results and impact.

Education Children Support Program – Nakalongo Christian Building Program

From Poor Learning Environment To The Better New Three Class Block Equipped With Desks

From Poor Learning Environment To The Better New Three Class Block Equipped With Desks

We are building a Child Minding Christian school in a very poor area of Nakalongo, Uganda- East Africa. Nakalongo Christian School’s education is about taking those who are the least likely to receive an education and set them in an environment where dreams come alive, imaginations grow, creativity is celebrated, critical thinking is encouraged and leaders are made. We are committed to helping every student reach his or her full potential. We have introduced school debates, interest and academic clubs, spelling competitions and academic excursions basically for the provision of quality education. The school holds the “Heart to Heart” sessions with kids to promote good character and good citizenship which is helping to develop Christ like living life.

Adult Education Program

adult literacy

adult literacy

The school is not only helping the Children to get education. Also, the Adult younger women and the men who missed early child hood education have been encouraged and over 120 of the younger women and 80 men have been able to get adult education. The adults have the enthusiasm to get education and they have been able to write, and read. This gives an encouragement to the little ones to go to school with a good hope for their future.  We are working hard to create a reading and writing culture and the School project is changing the lives of children and the Adults in the community for the better. We are seeking for financial support to build the remaining four (4) classrooms and we welcome prospective supporters from parts of the world.

 Women & Youth Economic Empowerment Program

How Monica’s love from piggery to chicken lured her into farming?

In 2015, Monica aged 55 years –old house wife and a God fearing woman. She is married to a disabled and elderly husband at the aged 64 years and they are blessed with 13 Children.  She was tired of being jobless housewife with no income. We identified her and she was one of the selected, trained beneficiaries in piggery farming. Monica given a seed capital of two female piglets and male piglet from our mother piggery project of Tuweereza Eden Ministries.

The piggery littered several piglets and this helped her accrued income for development of her family. Monica, before she was assistance with the piglets, Monica was already practicing intercrop farming of Maize, Soya beans on a four (4) Acre land that was given to her by her late Father who died some 30yrs now. She fed the piglets with maize –husks flour which was mixed up with the poultry wastes from his neighbours’ poultry project of 50 birds.

Monica has been able to be a strong woman for the prospering of the family by meeting the necessities, building a house for the family, sustaining the business and the children has attained tertiary education courtesy of the seed funding of the piggery and now a small sized poultry farm

Monica Mutesi - One of our beneficiaries venturing in Koirorer local Poultry farming

Monica Mutesi – One of our beneficiaries venturing in Koirorer local Poultry farming

of 680 of which 150 are Egg- layers and 12 are cocks fertilising the females for Egg production. The serving ratio is one cock for 12 Chicken layers.  The poultry wastes- drop has provided her with free composed manure fertilizers. This has helped her to improve on soil fertility and a high production of food helping in the solving of   food security for her family. Also, the same time helping the needy elderly with the provision of food stuff. As you can see in the photography above, Monica is holding some Eggs on a plastic plate; Monica’s small sized poultry project gives her 150 Eggs a day, 1050 Eggs a week, and 4200 Eggs a Month!

Community benefit: Monica’s generous giving open heart is a blessing to vulnerable people in the communities is serving. She provides Eggs to 57 malnourished children and 12 HIV/AIDS Victimised children vulnerable, and some eggs to pregnant mothers in the community for their health. With our outreach community business start-up business training program, Monica has trained 10 women groups and 5 youth groups with basic skills in poultry farming. Each women group is comprised of 10 women and each youth group is comprised of 15 school dropouts and all eager to start the said profit making business.

Monica’s proposal: Monica’s dream is to get a solar powered Egg incubator /Hatchery machine through our partners to our Organisation so that she can donate 5000 Eggs for Chick- hatching in a very three months. The hatched chicks are to be donated by our ministry to the prospective beneficiaries who have been already trained in the poultry farming business. They beneficiaries under this program shall provide feeding, Vaccines, and simple housing for the chicks and each beneficiary shall be expected to give back 100 Eggs to the Hatchery Department for further production of Chicks to benefit other members to be served by Tuweereza Eden Ministries.

The Challenge: The main challenge affecting the implementation of this proposal is the lack of Funding for the purchase of the Egg incubator/ Hatching machine.  We are seeking for the opening of doors for God’s provision of the needed funds to have the solar powered Egg Incubator/ Hatchery machine bought to benefit the a thousand on the vulnerable people move out of  poverty. We are praying for allocation of a GRANT for its purchase or the Donation of a Solar Powered Egg Incubator /Hatchery for the production capacity of 2000 – 4000 Eggs.  We trust that God can lead and use people as His vessels to do miracles. God’s work done in God’s way, does not luck God’s provision and supply for the need. The purchase price for the Machine is equivalent to American Dollars (USD 8,000).