Eden Church Planting and Building Program

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Eden Church Planting and Building Program

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A wise friend said ‘Build and they will come!’

The church is God’s primary vehicle to advance His kingdom on earth. Church planting is a theological initiate aimed at furthering the Great Commission by wining Souls and growing the found. The goal of our evangelism and mission work is to establish new churches and strengthen existing ones. Planting and building a church is the most rewarding thing we can think of as a servant of God. Leaving a legacy that leads people to Christ, brings families together, and lifts those sitting in dust and leads the lost to the truth of Great Commission. In response to Christ’s mandate, church-planting and building efforts remain central in our vision to advance the gospel and impact communities in Jesus’ name. In  response to the divine call of Our Father’s command, Tuweereza Eden Ministries as stewards in His kingdom work, we have  been led in prayer to Plant two community Churches:-

  1. Nakalongo Community Church of Christ: The building is just mud and brick if the spirit is not invited… There is a great need to renovate the above Church of Christ that was built and siting on the same land along Nakalongo Christian Primary School. The church serves as our school chapel.
  2. Bulongo Chosen Vessel Church.The foundation building was done and the wall raised but not yet roofed and God’s people fellowship under a mango tree near the incomplete church building.
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