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Church Leadership Training Program

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The greatest challenge to fulfilling the Great Commission is lack of trained church leaders. This need motivates TEMI to seek pastoral training ministries to offer Biblically-Based leadership training for church leaders of today and tomorrow. The leader has great impact on the results and effectiveness of the people they lead. The influence a leader has on their followers as a leader sets the example that everyone follows to promote the Gospel of Jesus. As illustrated in the diagram, basically leaders receive three (3) different kinds of training:-

  • Head Training: Church leaders needs basic theological training that involves increasing in knowledge about God, doctrine and ministry in order to further the Great Commission of Christ.
  • Heart Training:Church leaders need character training to strengthen their hearts for the work that is before them. The church leader needs to be properly having Christ’s love at heart forever.
  • Hand Training: Church leaders need skills training on practical methods and skills that are required in ministry development and the followers.The message of the Bible: leadership training is at the core the Biblical method for expanding the kingdom. Both Old and New Testaments focus on training and multiplying leaders who will change the world. In the Old Testament, Jethro challenged Moses to create a leadership structure and leadership development system. In the New Testament, Jesus spent three years training His disciples closely, and then sent them out to change the world!


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