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Jinja - Uganda (East Africa).  

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In our efforts to reduce food insecurity and combating famine in poor communities in Eastern Uganda, TEMI combines agricultural education and provision of maize seeds and Soya-Beans in order to improve food production to a sustainable level for 100 households each year. Maize is a key cereal crop among farmers in Uganda given its importance as a food and cash crop.  At the micro level, maize plays an important role in food security, with annual consumption estimated at 38.6Kg person. Maize crop is to manage, resistant to water stress and adoptable to different soils. About 80% of the households are engaged in substance farming and they are mostly located in rural setting where poverty prevalence is highest, especially among households that rely primarily on cop Agriculture for their livelihood. The project was positively received by families who participated and their testimonies recorded. The funds are to cater for the purchase of quality seeds, pesticides; Spraying pumps, 2 pairs of Oxen plough (male cows), Ox-Ploughing machine, renting land, and capacity building in Agricultural practice. We look forward to expanding food security support to a wider group once we have materials and funds to do so.  We are seeking for a financial support of $4000 for each two Agricultural seasons per year.

Training in Modern Agriculture

Training in Modern Agriculture

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