Save One – Anti and Healing Abortion Campaign

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Save One – Anti and Healing Abortion Campaign

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The Save One Chapter mission is on the move in schools where the young teenage girls are duped in early marriages and get unwanted pregnancies, hence resort to abortion. It is very sad indeed that most girls are losing their lives and there is a high death increase among the teenager girls between the Ages of 12 – 25 years. Those who succeed to have the pregnancies up to the time of delivering the baby, they are few and some after delivery, they kill their new born babies and through the dead babies on garbage or latrines.  The girls lured and duped into early sexy affairs due to the rampant poverty in the rural villages in Uganda and for the case of teenage girls is lack of unemployment.

Schoolgirls: ‘At home, the young men and uncles will defile them, on the way the so-called sugar daddies will defile them, you take them to school the teachers defile and impregnate them. Pregnancy has a major impact on the numbers of girls who drop out of school. As abortion is illegal in Uganda, many girls are forced to carry pregnancies arising from rape to term; there are no provisions to accommodate young mothers in school, and many drop out with important consequences on their future. Education of women and girls is closely related to greater decision-making power over finances and reproductive health issues like condom use or seeking treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases. We are applying Biblical teaching and Encouragement for Women, Men, and teenagers healing from Abortion. This is because throughout God’s Word, it’s clear that human life is precious to Him.